And so, after a good 5 day break I’m finally back to work. It has been a little slow so far today….guess everyone is still in holiday mode as well! Some even took leave for today and tomorrow….whoa a whole week of not working! But I guess I’m ok with it…coz I’ll be taking leave over the Christmas and Chinese New Year (CNY) holidays anyway.

Speaking of which…..I didn’t know that when I decided to book my flights back for CNY yesterday, it’s considered quite late already because the seats are very limited and priced rather exorbitantly! OMG, even AirAsia (it’s a budget airline, the VirginBlue of Malaysia) who usually charges below RM100 (about A$30 or so) for a 1 way fare, is now charging RM200+! Sheesh….People really plan very well ahead here! Oh well, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise (sorta) coz now I have a reason to fly Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and enjoy the comfort of flying off from KLIA instead of the low-cost terminal which Air Asia flies from, and ohh the comfortable seats (i think) and meals on board! Well, let’s just hope that the flight don’t get delayed coz I’ll be arriving just in time to have the CNY eve dinner with my family. *sniff* this means i won’t be home in time to bake cakes and cookies like last year!!! Damn.

Anyway…..I’ve been catching up on sleep over the holidays and I can’t believe I did not log on the Internet since last Friday untill today!! That’s almost a week!! Well, mostly coz I was over at my aunty’s house and got back on Tues nite….after which, I have been watching my Full House DVDs like a zombie (yeah, i look like one right now coz my sleeping pattern’s screwed up). Oh, and I just found out that the lead actor, Rain who sings and dances as well, will be having a concert in Singapore soon and his tickets are priced from S$128 to S$888!! OMG….almost a thousand dollars for a concert ticket!!!! I still find that hard to believe….and amusing at the same time!!

Would love to post up some pics of the show and the house that they’re using to shoot it (it’s totally gorgeous, by the way and it costs US 1 million to build, which is now a huge tourist attraction in Korea) but I can’t seem to right click on anything with this silly mouse! So, I guess I’ll upload it from home later….one of these days!

Have a good week!!