The whole of Malaysia is in a celebratory mood now….well, more like the whole of Peninsular Malaysia coz I think the effects of this is more mild in Sabah & Sarawak. It’s the joint celebration of Hari Raya and Deepavali, hence Deeparaya! LOL

Hari Raya is a Muslim celebration…kinda like their New Year, I guess. A month before the actual day, they do their fasting rituals (i.e. they don’t eat for the whole day till dinner time). Some see it as a good time to diet….but is it? I think I’d probably overeat coz then I’ll be soo soo hungry!!

Right….Deepavali, is an Indian celebration which they call ‘The Festival of Lights’. Frankly, I’m not so familiar with this celebration coz being from Sarawak (East Malaysia) where the indian population is like the most minor of all, this isn’t a very significant day to us (well, apart from me tagging along with my mom to visit her indian colleague – yeah, one and only!). But I know there’s sure to be yummy indian food! Hahahha

Right. So, with these 2 celebrations coming after each other….we have 5 days off from work! Yeahhhh….5 days!! I don’t think there has been a holiday this long before. Sadly, I can’t be going back again since I just went back last month and it’s expensive if I keep doing that! But, I’ll be spending the hols at my aunty’s place, since Terence will be going back to Ipoh (again) to visit his grandma. Yups….not sure what we’ll be up to tho heheh but I just want to rest at home this hols. Been rather tired lately…what with work and gym and all. Sighz

*Mental note* It’s for my own good! Burn away, you evil fats!!

Ohh ohh….on a completely different note, I’ve been completely hooked on this Korean drama series “Full House”! Actually, i wasn’t so keen on it since I’ve stopped watching Korean dramas since I went over to Australia (I was a korean freak before!), but my friend insisted that I watched it and shoved the DVDs in my hands before leaving her house last saturday!! Hehe I’m glad she did….coz it’s such a nice movie. Unlike all the sappy heartbreaking ones that I used to watch, this one is a good mixture of humour and love and the lead actor, Rain is soo sooo gorgeous!!!! Yummylicious….and the lead actress, Song Hye Kyo is still as beautiful as ever!

Heheh when I first went over to Australia and was still single (well, sorta….save that story for another day k?), I was telling my friend that it’ll be nice if we could get to know some HOT korean guys to hook up with (yeah, I was *that* crazy….OMG)! Well, what do you know? The first unit we stayed in….we had a Korean housemate!! And during the day that we moved in, she had a couple of guy friends over, and one of was such a darling gentleman….he saw that I was struggling to carry my huge luggage upstairs to my room, he actually offered to help me! Not bad looking as well…..and speaks good english!! But a tad too old for me….I think at that time he was like 30 or smth. My housemate asked me to guess his age….and I was like errr….26 or 27? Then she was laughing hysterically….and said “Oh, this I have to tell him. He’ll be so flattered!! He’s actually 30!!”.

Right….enough about Korean men!! That shall remain my fantasy, whenever I’m watching the series.

Have a good weekend!