Here are the pics, finally! I know it has been a while, but was a bit caught up between work and gym (i love going to the gym regularly, by the way). Also, the mac that I’m using at the office is a little old…so opening a webpage full of piccies is a big NO-NO, let alone uploading them.

See how hazy Singapore was that day?! What a pity….this would have been a lovely pic if it weren’t so hazy. Being away from Malaysia for so long made me forget that there is such thing as a haze existing! I want my foggy winters! Stupid haze!

 This is us in front of the university cultural centre at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where the graduation was held. Pretty big and impressive uni……now we know why the students there get stressed up about performing well! hehehhe

The food was super yummy by the way….and it wrecked my diet! Remember Eric, Terence’s friend who came to visit us in Brissie last year? Yeah, he’s working in Singapore now.

Right…that’s him sitting on the grass. That’s ok….i once laid down on a bed of flowers around the city area in Toowoomba – and no, nobody was around so it wasn’t that embarassing!