I just realised that I’m terrible when it comes to keeping in touch with my friends. So, when I was in Singapore and my cousin (who’s over 30 and not married) told me that she meets her friends about once a month (some single, some married), I was like ‘Darn…I’m not even 30 yet and my friends and I see each other once in a few months!’.

So, before all of us start to tie the knot one by one…..we made a point to meet up last weekend. Coincidentally, it was my friend, Emily’s birthday on Friday as well! Too bad no pics on that night….as we were too engrossed with all the talking and the yummy food at Italiannies (DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN SINCE I HAVE HAD ANY DECENT PASTA, AT ALL?!). Sorry about that….hehhe just that I LOVEE my pasta and everything Italian!

Anyway…..I then made another date to spend the day with my friend, Lillie on Saturday (we used to spend so much time together before)….and since Emily has to work the whole day, she couldn’t join us! Hahahha poor gal. Anyway, she’s moved into her new house with her hubby (legally, but they’re planning to have the ceremony in 2 yrs time), and I have not been to her house at all, coz it’s soo far and out of the way. So, she thought it would be cool if we hung out at her house. Boy, that was fun!! We watched ‘The Devil wears prada’ on her projector TV, talked a lot and chose flipped through bridal mags (Yayy, now i can borrow them from her after her wedding!) and made some selection on nice bridesmaid dresses (she’s making all of us, her good friends, her bridesmaid at her wedding! Joyyy….i have never been a bridesmaid before!!).

So, enough of talking….here are some lovely pics.

Bigger than life TV…..I LOVE IT!!!

Isn’t her house lovely?! I wonder when I can have my own house…..I hope it won’y be too long, coz i miss being in charge of my own house/unit. I’m gonna go all out and decorate it and have a frenzy.

Here’s one of the both of us…..hehehe. Yeah, i permed my hair but it looks weird in this pic, prolly coz I was tired at that time as well! So, that’s my new look…..after having my hair rebonded for years!! Digital perm is the new rebonding 🙂