Hi everyone,

 Figured that since I’ve been blogging on Xanga for 2 years now….it’s right about time for a change in scenery! Well, I still love Xanga though…..and I met the nicest people there (don’t stop visiting my blog okay? I’ll miss you guys!). But, what made me move over to wordpress is because of the password protected entries…..I’ve always wanted to do that over in Xanga, but I don’t think that this feature is supported. Yeah, I know I could always make the entries protected so that only selected people on my Xanga can read them….but sometimes I want non-xanga people to read it as well and comment on it.

Oh well…..hope that the beginning of this new blog will be a rejuvenating one. Am slowly trying to get used to this new thing here….so bear with me for a while ok? At least now I can bitch blog in peace. 🙂

Love you all!